PSYCHED SEMINAR november 28th 2023

Invest in mental wellness, unlock your organisation's potential…

"Thriving Minds: Nurturing Mental Wellness in the Workplace"

An inspiring and transformative event focused on fostering mental wellness in the workplace!

Better to burn out or to fade away? Neither state builds happy or productive teams. 

We held a great PSYCHED seminar in November.  It’s a rare thing to be at a seminar you wish would go on for longer but all speakers were fantastic with really excellent presentations that were thought and discussion provoking.

Dr Jane Bourke Cork University Business School gave an excellent presentation on the Healthy Workplace Ireland results – only one in five firms have a dedicated mental health budget. 

National Policy Lead, Healthy Ireland, Biddy O’Neill, discussed the Healthy Workplace Framework and what influences employee health and well-being. 

Nic Marks discussed the Five Ways to Workplace Team Happiness in a superb presentation peppered with quotable phrases:
“Building Relationships is our superpower- relationships are difficult but at the heart of our wellbeing.” Plus he really made us think about the language we use. Happiness or wellbeing? Which is more meaningful? Which produces clearer more actionable results?

All three flowed so well together, with a common thread of building team happiness, understanding team dynamics, and seeing how happy workers are ultimately more productive.

The full presentations are below so do watch and enjoy!

Psyched Seminar, Cork, Nov 28th 2023 - Video Replays

Psyched Webinar Videos 2020


Daniel Flynn, Principal Psychology Manager, Cork Kerry Community Healthcare and Chair of the Psyched Steering Group provides a brief introduction to Psyched.